Eliseo Rodriguez

country: USA (Miami, FL), travels to Latin America
organization:    Mt Zion Evangelical Church 
website: www.ministeriointernacionalmontedesion.org
focus: Pastor of Cuban-American church in Miami,
trains and equips
Latin-American Pastors

On having traveled in various nations in recent times,
bringing ministerial equipping to pastors...I find myself
daily a debtor to missions. It causes a passion in me to be
able to see the faces and hear the words of happiness
and gratitude from those who in different nations receive
the seminars, and how they beg us to return to their
“Macedonia” to help them. This year for example, in
Nicaragua, we expect to train 200+ pastors in 4 days.
If every congregation of those pastors only had 50 members,
through those seminars, we would be blessing in a direct
way some 5000 disciples.