Gabe & Judy Agostini

country: USA (Delaware), South America 
organization:  Ripe For The Harvest 
focus: pastor training in South America

In 1999 we were able to start a ministry called SETE
(Seminary of Theological Education by Extension). We are
currently working in four different countries: Peru, Chile,
Argentina and in Spanish Churches in Switzerland. We are
reaching around 1,000 leaders and pastors in one year.
More than 85 pastors/leaders have already graduated. A
pastor recently wrote: “The course you taught, ‘How to
Preach,’ has proven to be valuable and practical in my
ministry. It has helped me in my translation work & taught
me how to study and teach. Thank you for leaving a mark
of blessing upon my life. I am working on the translation of
the Old Testament into five different Quechua dialects
spoken by approx. 470,000 Quechuas in Peru.”