Jason & Rose

country :  East Asia
organization:   Campus Crusade for Christ

Three weeks ago I was able to meet a second year
graduate student named “Chris.” He had met several
Christians in the last few years but had not yet received
Christ. He was feeling quite empty and knew that he
needed God in his life. He had been reading a great book
called A Song of a Wanderer in which an East Asian
academic shares his story of coming to Christ. He was
greatly moved by this book and continued to seek out
more truth about Christ on the internet. When I met him, I
was able to share the gospel with him and how God had
changed my life. I could sense his openness to Christ and
I could sense his need for God. I challenged him to go to a
local house church that Sunday and learn more. He went
and was blown away by the biblical teaching and genuine
fellowship that he saw. Later that week he came to Christ
and I have been meeting with him weekly to go through
follow up and further explain how the gospel relates to his

I am so excited about his story because it points to how
God is working in churches in East Asia. We are very
passionate about continuing our partnership with the
local house church and are excited about the fruit that
will come from this in the years ahead.